- Mono.xID


MONO XiD`s enthusiasm for electronical music started in the mid 90` with weekly visits in the legendary Tresor, where his love for the deep Detroit Sound, the percussive-driven Techno from the DOWNWARDS Sphere manifested. Inspired by Artists like SCAN 7,REGIS,SURGEON,JUAN ATKINS und THE ADVENT, he started to DJ himself.In the Year 2008 MONO XiD became a Producer of his own Tracks, in which he is not subjugate any Dogma or Trends. That is also the answer to his DJ-Sets and his Productions. With the mood of the Crowd his Sets are growing and unfolding there atmospheric, deep Loop-Tools to groovy Funk Monsters to become Peak Time Bombs which convulse every dancefloor.Who`s into pure Techno in it`s unwrought Form through all Fascettes is in the perfect Spot where ever MONO XiD shows up to play!