- Modeo


Mate Sandor aka Modeo is a 24 year old Hungarian/ Budapest based dj/ producer. He was 17 years old when he got his first turntable. In the early years he was affected mostly by the sub genres of drum and bass, such as dark step, neurofunk and jungle, later his style was also shaped by hardtechno and the industrial techno's dark atmosphere and distorted drums. Mate started going to clubs in 2002, the time when asymmetric techno was getting more and more widespread. Igor Dourden's set on Psystem Error in 2002, Patrik Skoog, Oscar Mulero, Chris Liebing, Regis, Jeff Mills and his hypnotic techno, Tresor's releases, all had a great impact on him and they are still milestones in his musical approach.He had his first gig in a legendary Budapest based club, Kashmir in 2006. As a result of the success of one of his t racks called 'Birt hright ' (writ t en by him in a former project) he caught more labels' attention (Mesheland, Newrhythmic Records, Freitag Limited) and got a remix request from Mesheland.His music is inspired by 2002's techno, which had those dark, ominous, distorted drums and vocals, unpeaceful, somewhere dissonant sci-fi, industrial elements inside. Besides all of the musical influences, films, experiences from the dance floor and from real life, thoughts and dreams also tend to return in his works. Although the trends nowadays are changing continuously, he can keep the race while his message and style do not change.