- Modal Nodes


MODAL NODES_Modal Nodes is Chris Demetras (Art Of Hot) & David Gross (Synthetikit). Inspired by a shared interest for sound manipulation, music technology, star wars/alien culture, and deep techno & house music, they have already developed a unique sound. Both members are twenty year veterans, classically trained and educated in music theory, engineering, production & performance. Together, they have a deep connection to electronic music & the DJ culture. This has translated into a strong collaboration, utilizing the skills & talents they each have. Embracing both the past & future, they combine analog drum machines & synthesizers with cutting-edge digital tools to create a unique blendof audio pleasure. Subtle details are the focus of the solid-swinging grooves, bottom-heavy basslines, spacious-techy melodies & evolved production methods. With a handful of finished material, Modal Nodes' distinct, deep sound will soon be infiltrating your DJ sets!