- Mister Empire


Jorge Santiago aka Mister Empire, from very young with only 6 years of age, had taste and showed great interest in music their parents and family. This young man started a joke to friends in their school as a radio announcer, withonly 14 years of age, came the pet to move in a radio mixing desk at school or even on the discs of Grandfather to scratch even a Vinyl of Abba, Queen or even the French artist Art Sullivan. It started on the radio of his secondary school with the program take requests, wanted to learnmore about the music, not lost over time and started having guitar lessons acoustic, his greatest passion was without doubt the music and his two most beloved instruments that formed in his solo performances. However passed by radio of the ISEC (Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Coimbra), which continued to be announcer, their schedules were rather spoken positively by students of the same Institute. In addition to enjoying what I was doing, played guitar and sang, where he was a soloist of a large choir of the Coimbra! Mister Empire, always willing to progress more and more in the world of music has proved in his city of students, Chen, and the Azores on an island it considers very special! He was present as a DJ in bars Zodiac, Up and Down, Yacht Club situated in Praia da Vitória, and in Discos TwinsClub that already has 32 years of existence and has been considered the best in Europe located in Angra do Heroísmo and Stressclub (formerly Jiggy Club at Island Top Dj), played also in the 2010 Festival and Azure Azores Face Models. It also has marked its presence as a model at events and private parties, in bars and clubs throughout the country.Already participated in competitions of MTV Portugal, Pantene Hair, Island Top DJ where was present with one of the best producers at national level and as a model of Massivedrum DJ catwalk in Beach Delight 2011 considered the best fashion event in the Azores, where were present great personalities both in the music business as a National fashion as John roll,Ana Mosque and Wanda Stuart and John Gil were present.And on Mister and Miss Facebook Portugal! Mister Empire had already present with great Dj's nationally and internationally! Right now spends most of his time by professional issues in the great Capital, Lisbon! Apart from being touted in Plural Entertainment, is currently touted in Go Models Lisbon! Right now he's finish academy on Dj Academy Dancefloor which was considered to be the first Dj's Academy of Portugal Mister Empire is dedicated with special attention to new market trends of today and always attentive to your audience!