- Miss MAD


Early 2014, Miss MAD is originally from Romania based in Luxembourg. Miss MAD made her debut on the international established label, GaGa records with her lead Monster track ‘House Music’ that get immediately licensed to many compilations through high profile record labels such On Air, Tretmuehle, Planet Pankow, Groovematics etc ... A Classic title implies: a colossal Tech and Techno sound with hefty beats and a build that sends us hurtling through this unstoppable big room track. MAD’s combination of professional DJ skills and her outstanding image is the full package, guaranteed to draw a crowd and her sets always have the dance floor on lockdown from start to finish. Miss Mad shines brightly as a true example of diligence. She is the personification of someone who genuinely possesses such traits and this is evident in her countless achievements in such a short time span. The best is to come.