- Mirrored Shades


Dj SinestroAka Mirrored Shades, Darik Wyldstar and Kuromaku (Composite, The Seed, Pound Recordings, One Love Massive) Some facts on me.• Has been spinning Professionally since 1994• Has spun countless parties/Clubs/Raves in every major city in the USA. (Seriously. I don’t know how many but It’s a lot.)• Has 2 other Monikers he uses for other styles of music.o Sinestro = Techno and house on the harder tip.o Kuromaku = Breakbeats and electro (old school electro like Nucleus BEEEOTCH)o Mirrored Shades = House music all night long. Deep and chunky.• Has 22 releases including 4 on vinyl through Woody Mcbride’s Communique Label and Frankie Bones’s Hard to Swallow Label.o When you book me you are booking unique music that is made by me and that you will only hear in my dj sets. I make it a point to make songs specifically for the gig that will never be released.• Has thrown countless parties/club nights/raves (Again I seriously don’t remember how many. It’s a lot). Highlights here include working with Scott Henry/John Tab making the ultra badass Buzz nights at Nation in Washington DC successful.o When you book me it’s with the understanding that I know how a night is supposed to flow and when to play the correct songs. I won’t bang the shit out of your club night if I’m playing early or in the small room.• Pricewise, is very reasonable and can work with any promoter to ensure success for both parties. I am not a dick that thinks I deserve thousands of dollars. Contact me and we can work it out!o No really call me or email me. I am super cool.o Also fun to be around!• Contact : djsinestro@hotmail.como Facebooks - https://www.facebook.com/DjSinestroRehabo Soundclouds - https://soundcloud.com/sinestroo Beatports - https://pro.beatport.com/artist/sinestro/2168o Discogs - http://www.discogs.com/artist/15435-Sinestro? filter_anv=0&subtype=Singles-EPs&type=Appearances• Management Booking - http://onelovemassive.com/artist/sinestro/