- Mirco Cardella


Miroslav Nenchev, also known as Mirco Cardella, found his addiction to electronic music since he was a kid. In the beginning he was just an amateur listener but with time and а random sequence of the events of his life, he joined an organization which made and promoted techno and tech-house events and promoted techno and tech-house artists from all over the world, at this moment he found himself playing in almost every night club in Sofia before he even turned 18 years old . He shared one stage with names like Harvey Mckay , Jewel Kid , Matt Sassari , Skober , Steve Mulder ,Stefano Noferini ,The Yellowheads ,Boryana, DRNDY , Ilija Djokovic , Kostas Maskalides and many more. A few years later, he is currently working on creating his own sound, expressing his kind of music which is into the Tech House, Dub and minimal/deep tech sound. Currently, he have releases for labels like Habitat Label , Lowgroove Records ,High Pressure Music , Potobolo Records, and many more upcoming releases.