- MindTek


I’M Francesco Falace (art name Frank v aka mindtek )i’m dj for 18 years.When I was a child I always listened to music, I always loved it so much and my wish was play a music instrument (my grandfather had a radio station), then I knew mix music art and I never tc..er stopped it.. I started with dream in progress music like Emanuel top. then I started with progressive music like Francesco farfa,robijthen o knew music and arstis like Richie hawtin, jeff mlls, oliver ho speedy j (techno minimal and Detroit) this is my favourite style ,;in 1999 I was member of looseclub and I played with artist like inigo kennedy, rino cerrone, fumiya tanaka, ecoplex, farfa, maya gaetek...once 2006 i play minimal electronik. musicln few years i'm playing instrumental,analogic and digital tracks