- Mimanos


Manuel Alvarez aka Mimanos.Born in 1981 by a French motherand Spanish father, for several years he linked to the Swissunderground techno movement where he reached the mostrespected clubs in the area playing his hot percussive andelectronic mental sound.Since 1997 Mimanos develops in hisstudio tech house and minimal techno tracks trying tomaintain a certain specific line enriched with instrumentalgrafts, other times looking for gloomy and decided soundcan carry the listener on a mental journey.In 2004, Mimanostogether with Pol Wise, Lee’n'pee, Effe, Toni May, and Ezikielthey give life to the ” FDN Fratelli della notte “(Brothers ofthe Night) movement which was quite popular in the smallTicino. FDN has grown quickly and was always asked to beresponsible for organizing parties in clubs and outdoorparties filling with researched techno and minimal music.In2011 begins to move in the field of live music, creatingtechno live act, as well as the particular micro live melodic.Now’s his dj sets are ranging from deep house to minimalcreating a more intimate environment and returning a greatconsideration by the clubbers.Mimanos has always movedin the Switzerland scene with Electronicwave, Mentalmusic,Z araza rec., FDN and collaborating with many talentedartists and in 2012 with Deep nota records Brooklyn andSouthparkrecords.