- Mila Steiner


In love with electronic music from an early age, Mila Steiner acquired a special taste for the harder and acidic tracks in the 90s.At the beginning of her adolescence, she began to take an interest in music production using trackers and magnetic tapes, as well as the use of concrete music techniques to manipulate and treat sound in her first works.Later she gets into the underground scene and learns the art of mixing. She begins her residency in a series of techno events where she shares the stage with artists such as Oscar Mulero or Alexander Kowalski among others.Two years later she became part of the Dampfhammer Imperium collective. On her tours around Europe, she also shares the stage with artists such as the legendary Dj Rush, ANGY KORE, David Temessi, Sebastian Groth, Brian Sanhaji and others.Some of the labels that release her tracks are Eclectic Limited, Naughty Pills or Sub Records.As a technology and retro-computer lover, Mila currently uses modular synthesizers and any kind of hardware as well as experimenting with old computers such as the famous Atari ST or Amstrad CPC to produce her music. Her tracks are characterized by a marked rhythm and industrial cut, dense and heavy basslines with raw and acid sounds.