- Mikey Palermo


Mikey Palermo is a DJ & Producer based out of Toronto, Ontario. He started his personal journey into electronic music through the chiptune scene as a very active member and producer. As he grew tired of the limitations of the game boy he went on to produce more experimental music. Seapunk, juke, and UK garage- esque sounds pumped from his computer as he tried to nd his unique style. While in search, he experimented with these different styles under a few aliases - but the one thing that stayed constant was his unique use of complex percussion patterns that come from his past in drums. In uenced by the Internet, he had an obsession with online culture. Throwing parties that were based on web-trends and events, making current and future music, and always keeping up with his online persona were his priorities. Noticing a lack of e-trendy events in the city, he took it upon himself to throw them. Holding down residences in a various Toronto, he made a quick splash on the scene. Finally nding a home in house music, and deciding to go with his given name (kind of) he has been driven to get to the top of the electronic music mountain.