- Mike Schwarz


Michele Corrado aka Mike Schwarz, grew up with a natural attitude to music. Born in the 1988, he discovered underground world when he was only 15. During these years he developed a great experience as Dj/Producer. Its name comes from its dark sound and decided. In 2013 became part of the group Resonant. This Group works for the organization of events and promotion of new talent to start in the music world. Here he found a deep and powerful connection with people, rhythms, light and sounds. Inspired by this, Mike Schwarz’s particular sound developed over time: an essentially reduced but still expressive electronic dance music, aware of its origins, though always pressing new boundaries of sound. Deep bass meets voice fragments, shakers and percussion carry the rhythm - techno acid leaves plenty of free space for other musical elements. Always in search of the perfect groove, and catchy melodies that resonate for a long time.