- Mike Menudo


Born from Greek Parents and blessed with joy, serenity and coupled with German diligence and ambition. In 1986 Mike Menudo was born In Stuttgart , Germany. His passion for music developed in the early years and it was then the story began. He took his love for electronic music to the next level thanks to a pair of Technics 1210's. Mike quickly developed his turntabalism skills and learned the importance of sound and feeling from the music. In the beginning he dealt mainly with the electronic tech house and minimal styles that characterise as broad as possible to this day in his sets. In the summer of 2008, Mike got the chance to play in Finca Stuttgart for the first time and the chance to showcase his style and sound to an audience. Thanks to this successful premiere Mike Menudo was quickly made a resident which he was to experience lots of airtime. Now year upon year Mikes audience and diary are booking up thick and fast with addition to regular club nights on a weekend In Some of the biggest Clubs in Ibiza and Germany. Mike is now focusing more on producing his own tracks!!!