- Miikka L


Known as a gifted dj, a talented producer and a promoter full of energy and passion, Miikka L is denitely one of the most well known faces in Finnish trance scene. Being hard working, dedicated and very ambitious, he has made a decision to follow his dreams and share his love to trance with people. A great musical storyteller who will take you to the journey with him. Every dream needs an action to come alive and so for the past three years he has spent all his free time practicing djing, learning about producing and making his way up in the scene. His passion for electronic music ignited in early 2000s when he moved to Helsinki and started to take part in organizing events, especially trance. In late 2015 he felt that he had reached the point in which to be able to share something from himself trough music and so the next step was to take action towards his dreams. Despite his musical background he had to start to learn playing from scratch. Miikka L is perhaps most well-known for his ability to take the listener to a proper trance journey and build up emotional sets, really taking the crowd to the next level with him. That is absolutely one of the reasons why he’s such a wanted guest in radio shows around the world. His sets are mixed with melodic, uplifting sound in where older classics are paired with the present high-quality tracks – not to forget to mention that he also plays psy trance. He is a charismatic and energetic performer who always gives his best to the crowd.