- Mihael Keehl


Mihael Keehl ́s relation with sound begins in 2003 (just after his degree in architecture), in the scenographic city of Venice when he was working as a sound artist, experience that inspired his interest for creating sounds formerly in a more experimental way and latter, for the electronic dance scene. Perhaps it was the lack of an electronic music scene in Venice what took him from a deep musical research right forward to what was his underneath passion. After more than three years of isolation and experimental work in the romantic floating city he moves to Barcelona looking for a more active place. The citys overwhelmed electronic scene taught him a lot and was the playground for his former productions and his first Live Project under the name of anLog. In 2009 he was back to Bogota, his natal city, where he took his Live sets all over sometimes fighting against the citys mainstream commercial venue. Mihael Keehl ́s approach to sound relates to certain architectural concepts, where structure and space become central to his sonic exploration, all with an intention to create states of mood and the fluctuation of different emotions in the brain; mental and sophisticated music for the dance floor, "the space for the ritual of the self and the other, alone and together under common vibes." He argues the lack of a formal musical background to be the foundation of his sound, there's no musical idea behind, rather a rough experimentation with sound and the primitive concept of the beats which had no further scope than to create cohesion within the social structure through repetitive and hypnotic vibes. His sound oscillates between minimal and techno stile, but some times it can be very diverse. On stage he is characterized for filling the space with good vibes with his particular stile playing live or by arranging a dj set full of original tracks and remixes with the only aim of having fun and move your bone! +