- Midnight Heist


Born out of the legendary Pork Chop Sessions in Detroit at the peak of the ‘80s Pink Sugar Rush craze, the Downtown Detroit Midnight Heist Association (as they were then known) was a teaming cooperative of likeminded musicians, disc jockeys, dancers and adult performers with a shared sense of creative freedom and sexual liberation. Their week-long parties, thrown in almost complete darkness at the long-defunct Silver Kly-Maxx Factory, are the stuff of legend. Over three decades on and The Heist is down to the two last surviving members, an incognito pair of veritable DJ-producers still joyfully entwined in the murky world of nocturnal entertainment - with no sign of slowing in tempo. Despite their current whereabouts a mystery, the pair find time to regularly package off dubplates, worth their weight in gold, from their historic musical archive to London-based label Bona Fido in a bid to share their unique spiritual legacy to the world. https://www.facebook.com/midnightheist