- Midimiliz


Midimiliz aka Extrawelt Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan RaabeAfter enjoying electronic music more and more besides school, they became record collectors and DJs in the beginning of the nineties. Through that passion for vinyl, they also got to know each other muchbetter. In 1998, countless gigs and several studio collaborations later, they conquered some borrowed equipment and a Mac, which lead to severe addiction within short time! Many releases and live gigs worldwide followed, under various project names like "Midimiliz", "Spirallianz" or "The Delt a" "Der Int erpret " and "Downhill" wit h Marcus Maichel (X-Dream/The Delta/Desonanz) – the way to 'Ext rawelt '. Once arrived, they released the highly successful single "Soopertrack" and "Zu Fuß" on James Holden's label Border Community in May 2005. Followed by The "Titelheld" EP on Cocoon Recordings etc. Midimiliz albums: "Antistat" D-Drum 2000 "Passages" Boshke Beats 2002 "Non Standards" Gravity Plus 2004 Official Midimiliz/Extrawelt website: www.midimiliz.de