- Michelangelo


Michelangelo was born in Milan in 1980.Since he was young was characterized by vitality, creativity and mental disorder.When he was 12 he was fascinated by the hip hop and black music in general.When he was 13 he bought his first turntables and in a few years he became one of the most respected producers in hip hop mixtapes in Italy.At the end of the 90’s he approaches the house and underground music,starting to play in various clubs.His productions reflect his roots and are characterized by hip pop, deep, Funk, house, minimal and techno influences. His latest projects are supports by Dj’s such as Marco Carola, Raresh, Mandy, Dj Q, Dorian Paic, Dominik Eulberg, Yaya, Karotte, Tini, Mathias Kaden, Stacy Pullen, Martinez Brothers and many others.