- Mia Wallace


Mia Wallace is the Chicago-based creation of David Castellani and Michael Azrikan. Italian-born, Castellani spent the early parts of his career immersed in musical theory, audio production and percussion performance, traveling down the funk, jazz and underground hip-hop genres. Azrikan— who moved from the U.S.S.R.when he was 10 year old — set down a techno tail spinning vinyl and DJing raves in the late-90’s. Joined together with an addiction for darkened dance beats and a passion for hybrid live performance, David Castellani and Mike Azrikan create a spine-tingling and sinister sound that stands outside the techno umbrella. Mia Wallace takes listeners on a stormy voyage of chilling chords and unchained beats in each live hybrid performance. Intertwining analog synthesizers, hardware controllers, aboriginal didgeridoos, live drum pads and nightmare-inducing vocals, the duo leads listeners through an unearthly experience that makes your heart race and blood thicken. Listeners can expect to shed their skins and undergo a morbid metamorphosis that keeps them dancing well past the moonlight. As haunting as the atmosphere their beats are brewed in, Mia Wallace can be found behind dimly lit booths around the globe unleashing their signature techno sound to heads alike. As they continue to travel the globe, the new group leaves crowds in wonder delivering unforgettable performances night after night. Their diverse catalogue includes remixes by producers such as Mr.C, Inxec, Mathew Burton, Julien Sandre, M.A.M., Martin Dacar and more. With a constant flow of new releases, you should expect to hear Mia Wallace at your favorite techno temple soon.