- Metaxa aka S.G


In 1983 ' METAXA' was Born in Stuttgart and raised in Corfu .His first Music experience was at the age of 10 in Corfu when he played the piano for 6 years. 2 years later, after moving to Athens for studies in 1998 , there he had his first techno Introduction at U-Matic club, which was very interesting for his ear this time.At that first night experience with techno The sound made him remembered Kraftwerk vinyl's of he's uncles collection in a swabish German area out of Stuttgart when he was 15 on a Visit .from now on he understands that this Party a revolution of Kraftwerk sound!Metaxa starting experimenting with drum machines and digital software.At that time sound was all about Jeff Mills and "the Detroit sound" in clubs. After 4 years in Athens he moved to London for 3 years where he met a Romanian Girl Promoter .. So he decided moved to Romania where he met FLOOG George G (member of Premiesku Live).and shared life and Studio .Since then he released on labels like Yoruba HQ , Tzinah Records , Dudjestion ,Wassabi , Sonido and more ...