- Merl Sanders


Formerly known as Virgo Four, M.E. and Ace & the Sandman. Now going by, Merwyn.In the late nineteen-eighties, Merwyn Sanders and his childhood friend Eric Lewis recorded a series of beautiful house tracks in Chicago. Their first two EPs were issued under the names Virgo Four and M. E. on Trax Records in the U.S., then were licensed to Radical Records in the U.K. The duo followed up with another M. E. EP on Trax and a fourth release as Ace & The Sandman on Trax subsidiary Saber Records. - Jacob Arnold, www.gridface.comReleases under Merl or Merwyn Sanders, includes 2005's Elevator House Music on Trax/Casablanca Records and follow up releases to their 1989 release in 2010 as Virgo Four, titled "Resurrection". Latest releases include, remixes with Nick Anthony Simoncino on Skylax Records, remixes with Sascha Dive on Tsuba Records, collaboration with Jason Groves for Skylax Records and upcoming ep release with SoulDeep Inc. Records.