- Melodule


Melodule aka Benoit Carreau / member of Les Limaces band« What a wonderful time to make music ! », Melodule is thinking. « Technology is poetic and art is electronic. My imagination is my limit. » he says while smiling.His music is not only to be listened to, it is also to be seen. It is dramatic and visual. It is alive. A touch of his nimble fingers is enough to make his sound modules vibrate. Their language is music, they light up following the chords of his artful tracks.Melodule welcomes us in a whole universe. He's created it for our senses. A technological universe in continuous evolution. Each new module inspires new creations in him.Out of nostalgia, this music lover sometimes mixes more classical instruments like the piano or the guitar with synthesizers and music machines.By multimedia contrasted touches, Melodule takes us into his world. Strain your ears; open your eyes, you might even love.