- Megastrom


These three guys have achieved something only very few pleasure-mongers have accomplished before. The past meets the future, yesterday meets tomorrow, the History channel meets the Sci-Fi channel.Kazaam, the end result is an absolutely coherent reflection of the present. Seldom have influences from forgotten times been so skillfully matched up with cutting edge styles from all over the globe.These three new tracks are also not bound to any country or musical genre, Saturn, Amazing and Phonos are all generously freed of well defined expectations, limits or useless guidelines. Megastrom have been paying close attention to the last 20 years of electronic evolution. The sugar coated vocals and mout h wat ering melodies remind us of t he glorious 90 ́s rave era.On the other hand the modern beats, production and bass lines are powerful, progressive and capable of blowing any old dance floor to smithereens. These Berlin based fellows have basically invented the first harmonic t ime machine, which guarant ees all passengers a bogus journey through the past, present and future.So move aside Marty McFly, Megastrom are here to stay!