- Mediane


Oscillating between mental, atmospheric and acid techno, the identity of Mediane is marked. The project is the fruit of the collaboration of two friends, djs and producers. One offers a captivating and aggressive deep, the other an acid and devastating Techno. Since 2016, under the alias Mediane, they propose a symbiosis of their respective styles.After two first EPs released on Poincaré Records label respectively titled « Shade » and « Insomniak », Mediane starting strong 2018 with the track « The Next Rules » witch stood out by a premier on Sweet Musique. In February, the « Brotherhood EP » including a remix from the german Lars Huismann is released on Solide Records label. This release enables Mediane cross a step obtaining : several reviews, a premier on Jaelos chanel, several tracks playlisted in many artist’s podcasts and the eponym track on Deezer biggest techno playlist.These releases enable Mediane to be supported by artists like Slam, Paco Osuna, Ferhat Albayrak, Anetha, Arnaud Le Texier, Alfredo Ma- zzilli, Mental Resonance, Krenzlin, Deraout, Xpansul, Djedjotronic, Hydrangea and many others.Two Upcoming EPs are signed on the international labels Ground Fac- tory Records (Canada) and Hypnotic Room (Japan). More EPs will be announced in 2018.