- Mebramins


"Mebramins" is not a chemical substance related to multivitamins or even amphetamines but it has the same and even much better effects! It was 2010 in Netherlands when Ebrahim Kamrani decided to start his musical journey in house and trance genres later called "Mebramins" project. Soon after he starts producing new music tracks and after spending lots of amazing time in studio results in many bright new ideas and a great number of world shakingtracks with tremendous support from other musicians, producers and of course DJs around the world. The philosophy of "Mebramins" sound is beyond just another music track, it's a deep spiritual journey to unknowns for all people around the globe who want to explore, experience and feel unknowns about themselves and the Universe. Now he's continuing with his real name "Kamrani" Stay tuned to hear more about "Kamrani"!For more info about his creative outgoing projects check out his facebook page