- Meanda


Meanda`s musical career began as a DJ in 2002 reaching 3rd place at a bigAustrian DJ-Contest out of 70 competitors. Gigs on several Austrian andGerman radio stations followed this recent success. The demand for hisservices as a DJ reached throughout Austria to different countries in Middleand Eastern Europe. Some of his sets even were recorded and broadcasted atsome popular Austrian private television channels.After all Meanda decided to reduce his number of performances on stage tospend more time on composing his own pieces of music which finally lead tohis first release at JOOF Recordings (UK) in 2009. An outstanding highlight ishis remix for the Art of Trance single Chung Kuo which is a remake ofVangelis Classic, to find at the label Porcupine Records/Platipus Music (UK).His compositions use the monotonous and hypnotic electronic rhythms as acarrier for engraving and emotional melodies made of several voices, neverleaving the genre of underground (progressive) trance music. Differenteffects based on the endless possibilities of electronic music andself-recorded vocals, instruments and noises are completing his collages ofs ound.