- Me & My Monkey


Me & My Monkey (aka Iman Hanzo) is a Producer and DJ based out of Hamburg. He creates and performs Deep / Tech House and electronic music, including bass-heavy remixes of club and House favorites, original Deep/Tech soulful funky house or amalgamations of other styles. Starting his career as a DJ at a well known Club in Hamburg, covering various styles and genres with a focus on House music and hip house, Me & My Monkey began creating his own hybrid of House and Hip House music into a club sound that fits as well in theaters and festivals as it does on dance floors. With a full length Single released on Pacha Recordings, Housesession and many more. Me & My Monkey is one of the growing up producers and DJ in the House music scene with collaborations including some of electronic music’s most influential people. Me & My Monkey foundation to perform in club, event and festival dates all over the country to audiences very familiar with his music. “Me & My Monkey is one of the upcoming staples when throwing around names in the Deep/Tech House and Electronic genres of music” and continues to evolve a unique voice in the Underground House music with his complexity and depth.