- MayaXperience


MayaXperience - well known as dj maya (Peter Vlach) & dj Sun-Experience (Thorsten Schuch). Many gigs they did together in the past, until they decided to combine in one name – mayaXperience was born in 2011.Their journey brought them in several Clubs and Festivals all over Austria, and many other Countries like Spain, Hungary, Czech Republik, Portugal,Serbia, Turkey, Belgium and even Panama... Now they started to focus on producing there own style and get more and more infected! After the first release, together with Side Winder - a lot of studio sessions followed... and more will follow!Since two years, they are pushing their label, Soundlab Pirates, into Viennas PsyScene - with stuning events in and around their city. And soon, the say hello to the rest of the world, with the first V.A. *Pirates of the Danube*, from their own label SOUNDLAB PIRATES.Things are going on! Get prepared for the first strike!