- Mauri O'Mas


MAURI O'MASItalyMauri O'mas was born and raised in Italy. Since he was a teenager was interested in music. Began his exploratory experiencestarting from rock and metal then almost like all young guys, until he entered the first time in a disco club where he discovered hownice it is dancing the percussive rhythms and the magic atmo of the club. From that moment was born the love for the house genreAfter this first experience Mauri O'Mas has moved all of his attention in the dance genre first and then across the wide range ofsubgenres.Today he runs his music for events, parties, lounges and some discobar. With the introduction of the digital age, he creates his ownmusic like indipendent producer, where percussion and drums, instruments that he especially loves are always in evidence to createfantastic vibes, and all very danceable.- See more at: http://www.forbeat.com/artisti/mauri-o-mas?search_param=mauri&ret_url=%2Fsearch%2Fartisti%3Fsearch_param%3Dmauri%26ret_url%3D%252Fartisti#sthash.xfCMl4iw.dpuf