- Mauerhuhn


Born in '65, Frederic Schelling aka mauerhuhn took years of classical piano lessons starting at the age of 8, delving deeply into music making due to his early addiction to improvisation, cold-shouldering the ever so important exercises and endless reproduction of finished music pieces. Creating and experimenting with the building blocks of harmonies and composition on the piano, in his adolescent years he started being present on stage in various high school bands, following this tradition for more than two decades and gaining substantial live experience at the keyboards. But ever since, electronic music has been promising him the essence of harmonic, rhythmical and sound-creating freedom he always was in search of. In 1993, the first contact with techno and the electronic underground was established. Since then, the roadmap for his further musical development was all set. Nonetheless it took many more years for him to develop the skills it needs to produce electronic music matching the constantly rising quality found in the world of EDM. Today he found his preferred style to be a mix of mainly progressive house basics spiced up with sporadic trance elements, always embedded in a clear harmonic context and an elaborated compositional frame.