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 - Matthew Meel


Matthew Meel is an italian Dj Producer and Remixer, his approach with music happened when he was 12, but only three years later he began to love the Electronic Dance Music. In 2004, when he was 16, he began his experience with the Computer Music with a lot of dreams, but especially with high hopes of improving his sound and his music. Over the years, Meel's experience has grown, and his passion increased exponentially expanding itself on all genres of EDM. In 2012, after his first single “Beat Of Darkness”, he began remixing for the duo “Cristian Lavino feat Pol Rossignani” with the song “Falling in Love”, followed by “Everything Will Be Alright”, wich has been for a long time the #1 track in the top 10 chart of the label on Beatport, and “Silence”. Today, Matthew Meel is always looking for new sounds, styles, everything that can make his music better. And he has only one objective: never stop producing.


Jet Set Dance
Davie Terry, Kai Sheen, My Island, Nothing But The Beat, Hotel Stereo, Global Club League, Fit For Sound, Deepside Groove, Benani Omar, Mykel Mars, Nogales, Matthew Tasa, Mr. Smith, Shockolady, Alex Hide, Syntheticsax, Sarkis Edwards, Moskito, RockFor, Dmc Project, Aeon Flux, Mane, Igor Garnier, MaxiGroove, Chris, Miguel, Michael Fall, The Sunseekers, DJ Easy, Ritmo 69, Frozen Skies, Yana Vetrova, Terri B!, Charlie Vallely, Alicia, Tosch, Marc Reason, Hannover House Mafia, Etienne, Elias, Calabria, Stereoliner, Rob Makzem, Funky Basstard, Jay John D, Sven Laakenstyk, At It, OFFBeat, eSquire, Polina Griffith, LT Brown, Lucas Reyes, Rafael Saenz, Kaysee, Rogue Elementz, Alexandra Prince, Kid Shakers, Kid Massive, Mark Le Sal, Matt Aubrey, Holevar, Caroline D Amore, Sam Obernik, Jay Colin, Robbie Rivera, Tocadisco, Nadia Ali, Alchemist Project, Thyron!x, Noel Phoenix, Chris Kaeser, Nick Bounce, TRENDMONSTER, Linda Newman, Lab Of Music, Linda, Shiva, Hoxygen, Cristian Lavino, Pol Rossignani, Rene, Matvey Emerson, Dr. Kucho!, Rod Pinn, Marc Palacios, DJ Kone, Simonne Cooper, Unbreakable, DJ Chick, Daniel Patt, Pipe Cruz, Futurism, No Nation, Michelle Labelle, Mykel Mars, Muclove, Loverush UK!, Niko, Dima Smart, Izzat Khalikov, Vortecs, Funk, Pulse, Kim Kalman, Indygo, Daniel Turner, Babysitters, Mr Fabio, John De Mark, eSquire, Hard Rock Sofa, Chris Kaeser, David Tort, Miami House Party, Ortega, Gold, Hoxygen, Matthew Meel, DJ Fellow, Nick Oaslev, Patrick Roberto, Luxure, Danny Better
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