- Matheux


MATHEUX is one of the pioneers of electronic music scene in Colombia. his musical experimentation beginning in 1992 this year starts his career as a DJ for Radio Mix Shows of electronic music in his country from there to be one of the main mythical club DJs as residents of Bogota Gotica Club and Morrocco is also chosen for touring in your country Colombia. started his musical production in 1999 published his first tracks in record labels like EMI and Universal Music in CD format after there in 2004 decided to spread his own musical style to create your first label called VectoRecords 2.0 where publishes his own tracks and releases of Emerging Talent in electronic music business Matheux to be loving underground sounds and created in 2008 his second label Unseen Records Colombia. with this label could show his work as a remixer editing over 12 remixes of artists in genres such as Deep House, Techouse, Techno and ElectroHouse also edited music with labels like Supermusic (Uru), Cultures (Ven), Hard Disko Records (Col ) HMSP Sonata (Spa)etc. MATHEUX Define his style ....... as an interesting curve passing through all the colors of electronic music