- Mateo Ochoa


Mateo Ochoa is born in Medellin, Colombia. T hat at 9 yearsold was influenced by electronic music in many genres butespecially in the house(all types),techno,trance,chill out andmore. T his leads in 2007 to undertake a difficult path in theproduction in the genera House (all types). In early 2010 hemade his first album called Black Coffee. which characterizeof a Mateo Ochoa,is his desire to forward motion every daytrying to make a different production at all does not makemuch sense recored need to improve things but has talentand good taste in music also does not seek fame or glory, ifnot do things the best way to honor the genre.Mateo Ochoais characterized by its wing musical taste when mixed in agood party, sounds good melody and a lot of energy. In theproduction always looking for something different withoutdesviarce original style of each genre, will slowly but surelybuilding a solid career, supported by various record labels inthe region, Display so in the near future a great artist.In2010 the company created musical "Black Coffee MusicGroup", in which they work the labels "Illumination SoundRecords, Torque Recordings, Deep Side and VimusicRecords," Create the company to try to boost local andinternational new talent in various genres, for so arriving atthe satisfaction of the public. Supported by a large numberof Mexican artists, Chileans, Colombians, Argentines, Italiansand others, Matthew Ochoa shows that with humility andhard work can make a career out full of love and feeling forwhat it does, without neglecting the demands of the public.