- Mastromano


His destiny is written in the name, MASTROMANO.A passion for HOUSE music burst out of the blue in 1994, at the age of 12. Carrying around the " ANGEL's of LOVE " cd by - LIT T LE LOU VEGA - .Starting from playing songs at private parties and being invited as “deejay resident” and “deejay guest”, today there is no place in Italy that hasn’t committed to his music: a travel started from the most popular clubs in SORRENTO ( Napoli ) since 1998, and continued in 2008 with the brand - FASHION TV - ,as the unique deejay confirmed continuously since 2009, extending to the whole peninsula until arriving in Spain, Switzerland, Austria and Grecia. And as the unique Italian deejay of the international élite to achieve these goals at such a young age, born on July 13th 1982, contended by the most prestigious clubs.The turning point saw MASTROMANO becoming a music producer:was born the project ' Namesake ' with the first single "Melodia " , but then repeated Success by Following ' - ALIMURI - ' and then become "WHAT LIFE " sung by MONIKA Kiss historical singer who participated in the FEST IVALBAR with DAT URA .The untouched heights reached by the public success were also due to his bootlegs , supported by the biggest names in the industry and expected such as authentic events by the tens of thousands of followers, for millions of views on social networks where his name is among the most clicked and imitated of the circuit.An unprecedented success, reached literally in burning stages, by MASTROMANO.His fate, not surprisingly, was already written in the Surname.