- Masterpeace


The passion for music accompanies Masterpeace since childhood, but it is during adolescence that the approach to the different sounds you more conscious and motivated. Immediately seduced by the dragged rhythms of the Blues, from the repetitive sensuality and the peculiar use of instruments reduced to its essentials, Masterpeace spaces differrent genres to increase his own culture. Emotionally attached to the sound of the blues first, jazz and soul then, Masterpeace moves to sounds more synthetic, that however have in common the hypnotic component, which he fell in love with his ear by now. It focuses on the ways to produce the sound.He studied different instruments: acoustic and in particular electric guitar, but the idea of being able to create vibrations, chords, new sonorities from the origin is too tempting: suddenly it engages with any software or hardware capable of noise generation. The first attempt was carried out for four hands: a project with the name of Tiapason born, from which spring a few tracks that are included in some different compilations' trackless. Thus began a continuous way of research, study, genesis and musical composition. And the passion flowing through the veins of Masterpeace.'In deep we trust.' [Masterpeace]