- Masaya


Sneak-R and Masaya are two upcoming dj's in the dutch music scene.Together they are an unstoppable DJ DUO!Playing House tunes to RnB...A small Biografy:Sneak-R (real name Jessie Rondolo) started buying records at the tender ageof 16 years late 90’s. Thru out the 2000 he started playing at houseparties and birthday parties.Sneak- R Started spinning Electro records with an Italian friend. He hadn’thad his own turntables yet, so he always was at his Italian friends place.He had learned Sneak-R how to spin. Later on he had saved enough money tobuy his own turntables, from that moment of everything moved very fast.At the beginning of 2000 he fell in love with house music ...the music that heheard while clubbing in Club U (Zaandam) and Hemkade (Z aandam).On a vacation he met Ivanildo .... (Dj Masaya). They had allot in commonand started to practis together.After a short time of practise they gotthe chance to start at a club in zaandam.As resident Dj’s they made namefor themself and after one year they’ve been ask to sign at MenC Managementas a duo in 2006.In 2008 MenC Management broke up leavin' the two without any management.After a year searching they signed in 2009 with RefillDj(www.refilldj.com), T his was a bad booking agency, and they broke it with refill.In 2010 they found Passion agency, a agency that was positive abouteverything they did.So now 2013 Sneak-R & Masaya are looking for a new booking agency. Sneak-R & Masaya are currently busy working on some House and Eclectictracks