- Masashi Osaku


Since 2003 , Masashi Osaku is a DJ specializing in Deep /Tech / Progressive House and Techno and a master of thedecks delivering fabulous mixes with the highest level ofquality and class. He is constantly learning, improving andsearching the world for the newest, hippest tunes to bring tohis mixes. He has dedicated himself to pushing,experimenting, and developing the House scene in Japanhoping to give the Japanese audience, the ever popularEuropean experiences. In 2008, Masashi started to providehis own podcast on iTunes Store. It contains full of newestand finest House Music, and revealed his skills of DJ.People in the world began to know his name soon. And hegot many internationnal GIGs after starting podcast. He hasperformed at just in the last few years seems endless:asides from countless events in Japan, has also enjoyed aninvitation tour of T hailand in July 2008, was his firstinternational GIG. His another international GIGs arefollowings : March 2009, in WMC Miami. April 2009, in Z urich,Switzerland. He joined UK recoed label “PlastikPhilosophy”launched in October 2009 at PACHA LONDONwith T RAFIK (Global Underground). December 2009, inSouth Africa Tour. January 2010, in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.March 2010, in WMC Miami again. July 2012,at Quinte andBedroom in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. July 2013, at Kee Club ,Hong Kong. October 2013, Hannover in Germany.