- Martin White


Martin Horvatic aka Martin White was born in mid 80s in cityTrbovlje, Slovenia. He started with music very early. At theage of 8, he went to music school to play the flute andsynthesizer. In 2002, he decided to learn DJ-ing. First, heplayed dance music and commercial music in local clubs. Hewas also resident in one club in Trbovlje. In 2003, he went toDJ rate to learn playing on turntables. In 2006, he bought hisown two Technics turntables, and started to play old schooltechno, which is also his favorite music. First contact inproduction he get in 2003 when he just experimented andmake some beats. In 2010, he decided to do this moreprofessionaly, he built his own home studio and started toproduce his own sound.At first techno tracks and on 21February 2011 he released his first track Alcohol Abuse atUnaffected Records. T hrough time, he changed his stylemore to dark techno, and started to make his ownrecognizable dark style with dark atmospheric sounds. Hework hard and up to now he made a lot of tracks, whichwere all signed and released by labels like Bush records,Platinium records, Sound Evolution, Twisted Beats records,his label DarkTek Digital and many more. He also get bigsupport from other artists and dj-s!His biggest succes isdefinetly the release of track Infected on the legendary labelBush Records. T his release gives him new energy andvision to create more and more better tracks. Up to now hehave 4 releases on this label, and he is working on that tohave it more!In february 2012 he opened his own labelDarkTek Digital, special for dark techno/techno music. Pointof his new label is to release quality techno sounds withdark ambient! Label is really successful and he didn't expectthat, cause in the beginning label was more private kind.Now you can get here some serious dark tech and technotracks!Stay tuned!