- Martin Emess


Martin Emess is a producer and DJ based in Malmö in the south of Sweden. This is where he draws most of his inspiration from as well as produce his music, organize club nights and experiment in his studio with new ways of how to produce and perform music live. With no musical background his fascination and curiosity for technology and ever learning mentality were vital assets to learning the ropes of the craft.Although the path wasn’t always clear and Martin, eager to learn how different genres were made, produced everything from hip-hop to electro. Many lessons were learnt during his journey which sparked new ideas, ever evolving, until he found his calling in electronic music. Today the different building blocks work together to deliver his unique sound creating music for the four seasons. His productions tend to stay on the darker, more emotional side with a hint of anxiety but also hope.2013 saw the rise of Martin Emess as a underground DJ in Malmö where he steadily got more attention for his work as a DJ and producer. It was also the year he got picked up by Element Recordings marking his debut signing ‘Another Dimension' that was later released 2014. With his passion for music and new inspiring projects and collaborations on the horizon the future is looking bright for this Swedish up and comer.