- Marta Q.


Marta was born in a small city of Molise during the last years of 80'. Since an early age she shows a particular interest to music,and to all instruments,like piano,drums and bass..getting to the point to start to get interested in the world of '"House" and step by step entering in all bowels of this big musical genre to find her place and her perfect habitat to improve her self.Since 2003 she began her career as a deejay playing in various situations in neighboring countries , then in 2009 she entered the world of the Adriatic Coast , playing in the most famous after the Rimini area and Riccione . developing as his style , in 2014 it started its journey as a producer , meeting labels like Infinity Label,Latenightmunchies,Wave Impact Label,Unscene Records and Embi Music. She is for deep characteristics , born from house music,but sometimes dark ,with minimal tones .This is not a specific genre , for her , loving the whole music, it's really difficult to categorize herself.The commitment to her is constant and always directed towards the discovery and testing of the new with the old and the goal is to continue broadcasting through the music,our big teacher .