- Marone (FR)


Julien Marone AKA " MARONE " is a young Dj/Producer based in the south of France.Coming out of a Hip Hop Background, it's at the age of 16 years old that he decided to start Djing.Step by step, his interest in the electronic music began to grow.Discovering the finicky side of House and Techno he wanted to go further.Fashioning eclectic Dj sets, he doesn’t take care about genres or boundaries...In 2012 he played alongside artists like Vakkum ( La Bombe, USA ), Orgasmic (Sound Pellegrino), John Lord Fonda (Citizen, France), Distrakt (Boxon, Australie), D-R-U-N-K (Police, France), Gingy & Bordello (Turbo Recordings, Canada) and more...We can find him as well Dj Resident of PARIS One Reverse, a parisienne WebRadio.Today he brings the bar even higher and gets Producer.He released his first Ep " MISTICO " Composed with " TOMI " in September.