- Markus Bk


DJ and Producer since his childhood, Markus has alwaysbeen interested in music and kept listening to hundreds ofdance tunes everyday which made him a living library ofdance music and led him to grace the decks of Beirut cityfinest Clubs/Rooftops. Markus talents aren't limited to justmusical and technical excellence. His sound varies fromChill out, Deep, Vocal House to Progressive, Club Houseand just about everything in Electronic Music, and bestdescribed as "PART Y MUSIC". He has played along with bignames in dance music scene including DJs & Artist singers"Serge Devant, Hadley, Nadia Ali, Max C, Akcent, AbigailBailey, Guru Josh Project, Eller Van Buuren, Chris Jones,Inna, Big Ali, Claude Challe, Ravin, Marco V…Markus style ofmixing consists of his own Remixes, Original Production,Edits, Mash-Ups, with carefully selected tunes and theoccasional classic gems has gained him popularity. He isknown for his unusual use of Acapellas, sometimes Hip HopSounds. He manages to marry artistic upheaval with strongcommercial appeal in any genre of music, which is rarelycommon. Part of what makes him a sought-after producer ishis dazzling stylistic agility in which he interchangesbetween House, Electro, and everything in between. DJing isa real passion of his, a limitless route to stay connectedwith clubbers and their ever-changing tastes. "I make surethat I get enough time in the studio, in order to obtainexquisite tracks to play. T hat keeps me excited, the ability toexamine those tracks to see whether they fit to be played ina club. T hat’s how I uphold my edge." says Markus