- Marko Novakovic


Before he started making techno tracks Marko produced music for various video games and commercials. In some moment he get inspired with minimal from 2007/08 period, and he started producing and developing his style over the past two years. His style is dark big room techno and giving the fact that Balkan was in dark period over the last two decades, you can understand why his style is dark and aggressive, after all Marko is born in country that doesn't even exist anymore.Marko signed his tracks on recognized labels like Phobiq, Binary404, Capsula, LCMTC, Neptuun City, Tight Lipped,His tracks are supported and played by: Sasha Carassi, Mark Knight, The Advent, Phunk Investigation, Echo Vacio, Alex Di Stefano, Dany Rodriguez, Spartaque, PHNTM, Ronald van Norden, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Tom Hades, Frankyeffe, Axel Karakasis, Bodyscrub, Seismal D, Filthy Rich, Locomatica, Lasy M, T om Laws, M.I.D.I....ectMarko is also project manager of Binary404 and press manager of Alex Di Stefano