- Mark Cast


Manuel Castañeda, well known as Mark Cast on the electronic scene is a DJ / Mexican producer born in Toluca, Mexico.Music and sounds have always been part of his life, but his approach to electronic music comes in 2009 when he finds the compilations "In Search Of Sunrise" by Tiësto.Being Tiësto the first DJ and producer he listens to, his taste for the electronic subgenre trance grew with the passage of time, discovering artists like Armin Van Buuren, Ørjan Nilsen, ATB, among others.After some time, he discovered one of his favorite artists, and who later would be his inspiration to produce: Blasterjaxx.His love for the music of Blasterjaxx arises from the energetic and heavy sounds that they included in his songs; It is here where he decided to start researching more about the production of electronic music.FL Studio, the program it finds most comfortable to produce, became the platform with which it would begin to work.Studying the DAW, he began its original productions in 2014 and getting the first support of national artists like MCD & Castaneda and international like BL3R, TWIIG, and more.A year later, in 2015, he has its first major release with the Mexican label +Más LabelToday signed on record labels such as +Más Label, Quartzo Records, La Clinica Recs and more, and supported by artists like Deorro , Blasterjaxx, Milk N Cooks, to name a few, is known for his melancholy style but also energetic."Music as a way of life" #MarkCastFAM