- Mark Black


Mark Black was at the centre of the nineties underground psytrance scene and as club promoter Ahimsa, he organised parties for all the key labels including T.I.P., Flying Rhino and Blue Room. With DJ Luchie under the moniker Weird Conclusion and as a solo artist, he performed live at Tyssen Street Studios, Return To The Source and numerous London squat parties, attracting several thousand party goers with his eclectic stew of funk based tech trance, incorporating twisted psy, breaks n' beats elements. Mark is currently working in production for one of the UK's major live event organisers Showstars, who organise the staging for the Brits and at live events featuring Led Z eppelin, Robert Plant and Beyonce amongst others.Following a period working in sound engineering and putting on occasional underground parties, Mark was diagnosed with a chronic illness and following a difficult period undergoing treatment, hemanaged to pull through despite ongoing setbacks to his health.Feeling that he'd been given a second chance, he updated his studio and got straight back to work producing The Secret of Skull Island which skilfully blends deep grooves with psy tech trance and sub basslines, synth with a twist of jazz and dubbed out beats to create an innovative fluid and vibrant sound, lying midway between techtrance, electronica and chill.