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 - Mario Kerb


DJ, producer, music lover , let us present you ,MARIO KERB , natural for Jimena de la Frontera (Cádiz) based in the province of Malaga,began his musical career as a radio DJ in 1992, alternating piano lessons and talk host radio broadcasting with his first sessions on the local clubs in the town ,with a wide range electronic styles that marked the beginning of the 90s (Techno, Trance, Hardcore, Breakbeat, House ..) . Under the nickname "WARIO DJ " was the delight of locals and visitors in the clubs in which he plays and the events which he participated in the Andalucian region. He has worked and shared the stage with many nationals and international artists scene. Representative of one of the most important groups in southern Spain to what in organizing events and booking of DJs are concerned, the collective "ENERGY". Also highlight its ability to "turntablism", the accompanying "scratch" on their breakbeats sessions always. Actually on 2012 ,change the nickname for " MARIO KERB" and his current styles are Techno, Minimal, Tech-House and a large and refined technique on the turntables ,so well done, will get you noticed for your senses. He is now getting involved into a few diferents projects , working for the new digital label called SUBGRESSIVE RECORDS, also many others digital music labels like ALIVELAB RECORDS, ONEPERFECT RECORDINGS, SUBHOUSE RECORDINGS ,BASSMENT BASS MUSIC etc...


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