- Marco Vinelli (PE)


Part of the SUPERCLUB PERU family, the best promoter recognized worldwide in Peru, his wide knowledge through-out the years makes him one of the most talented youngsters in this generation. With just 23 years, playing since 14, and producing since 18, he has been in the peruvian electronic scene 9 years ago already. Although his young age, he had several residencies across the country, in which we can recall: Gotica, Loop Peru, Macondo Bar, between others; and he has been part of big festivals and events such as SUPERCLUB (Lima, Peru), LA TRIBU (Superclub), BACKYARD PROJECT (Superclub), BIZARRO (Lima), EL DRAGON DE BARRANCO (Lima), SKYBAR (Asia), JOIA (Asia), and many more venues which helped him to increase his reputation and his followers. His music sends us in a unique travel where groove and techno are never absent. Shared booth with several experimented and well recognized international DJ’s, which had helped to get some true experience about the music industry. He is also one of few people, despite his young age that helps national DJ's get forward. He is one of the few young DJ's that is well positioned at its short age because of his dedication and perseverance in doing what he loves. His influences characterize his music since he first began to get deep into electronic music, and now it reflects on what he does. Part of the LOOP PERU family, and already has some releases. His first EP was "Primera Estacion" in Groundid Music (LONDON, UK) in 2016, and also two singles in Atum Record (ITALY) and Blue Peach Records (LIMA, PERU). He expects to have his own label soon, with new projects and some collaborations with national as international producers.