- Marco Bartolucci


Marco Bartolucci, who has been DJ, producer and events organiser sice 1990s, started to spin discs at the age of fifteen. He used to do this during the memorable Sundays evening parties, organized for teenagers, at the Domus, a small disco which is usually frequented by university students, in the center of Perugia (Marco’s city of birth).He immediately understand that this hobby would have been an important part of his future and of his life. Since then he began to be more and more keen on this job, so that he started to work in a CDs shop, called Dj News Dance Store while studing at high school. This store is the biggest in the central area of Italy, and Marco managed to become one of the owner about five years later.Frequenting the S.V.R studio, a part of Dj News, he has been working with important Dance and House Music producer of the moment, like Joe Montana and J Knokers. He took part in some radiophonic projects, such as Project House at Radio Orion and Max Consolle at Max Radio Energy.During these years, he worked in some of the most important discos of the Central Italy, such as Gradisca, Etoile 54, Dobermann, Vispa Teresa, Country, Velvet, Follia, Gasoline( Milan), Maddalena, la Villa Discoteca, Felix ( Latina), Cantiere 21, Tuka Disco, Poco Loco, Trottola, Queency, Charly Max, StageClub(ro),Hot Club(ro), Prince(riccione), Teatro(ar),Palagio(ar) Peter Pan, Villa delle Rose, ByblosOnce the vynil market was over, with the coming of digital, after having left Dj News, he set up Sound Solutions. After that he completely devoted his work at projecting Audio Systems for discos, still remaining really keen on mixage.He now organises training courses for Dj, to which even important names of the Italian spectacle take part.His wide culture, that he was able to expand while working at Dj News, let him capable to create various Dj set, that can range from house to techno music, including all contemporary dance music.