- Marcello De Paolis


Marcello De Paolis was born in November 1992 in a small village de Salento.Gia by little he realizes to be fascinated by the art of the DJ so at age 13 was purchased his first console.Proprio here to begin his artistic career dj starting from small get-togethers with friends until you get to play in various bars and nightlife salentina.Il young DJ in his DJ sets fit various genres ranging from house to commercial techouse, from deep to pure soulfull looking to expand more and more the its culture musicale.Con years and with experience, but above all with a strong desire to want to assert their sound, learn to use various programs for creating music (ableton, logic, fl studio), and so in 2009 he started the his career as a producer.Le his productions are mostly characterized by percussion and Latin sounds in pure tech house but also is not only a lover of deep house and techno.