- Manu Heredia


Manu Heredia aka Alex Cahe is a full-time one partition between producer and Dj. Of descent Franco/Spanish, he born in Venezuela and is growing, sipping of sources musical of his parents, who are very passionate and they know very well the funk and disco music. Thanks to all these factors from very young he is interested in the music and starts studying percussion and solfeo, which will take him to you years later to enter to the university and be formed in the career of sound. However with this we are just scratching the surfaceof his talent.After living and absorbs the club culture for several years in Madrid, he moved to Menorca (Balearic Islands) where for many years goes through the best cabin of the island at the same time performing different exits to the islands, peninsula, the rest of Europe and America.After many years passing through the cabins decides to move to Barcelona and focus on the studio work that leads to along these past years working with labels like :: Flumo Rec, Neovinyl, Tik- T ak Rec, Fruitsclubs Rec, Redmo Rec, among others, Finding himself rewarded the short term as many oftheir tracks have been selected for various re- compilations worldwide.For Alex Cahe does not exit a unique concept established inside the electronic but also many aspects of which can enrich the artists to express and transmit unique sensation to listeners.